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Who We Are

Working to empower our community and to contribute to their success

The M&C Foundation  is a charity organization established on the 18th of August 2018, To support the need of ethnic Minority Communities in the United Kingdom.
The organization’s work focuses on supporting migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the UK including children and young people.

What We Do


— We Provide Martial arts training

The organization health promotion through sport and martial Art activities
supported about 15 children and young people to improve their life skills, health
and self-confidence


— We Provide Information and career Advice .

The organisation provided training for employment and employment related advice that benefited about 22 unemployed users. This helped them improve their employability chances and 11 of them have been able to secure part- and full-time employment


— We Fight Childhood obesity .

We fight childhood obesity through our taekwondo training programme. we believe enjoyment is the number driver in motivating children to be active.


— We provide free hot meals to the homeless youth

Due to covid-19 crisis our community needs more support. we are working with local businesses to provide free hot meals three times a day for our homeless community members.


— We support the elderly with essentials.

Together with our volunteers we deliver essentials to the most vulnerable members of our community. 



— We support domestic violence Victims

During the COVID-19 pandemic, emerging evidence demonstrates that there is a worrying increase in cases being reported, and that also leaves many which are not.

due to culture reporting abuse can be difficult and is associated with Shame .We provide a safe environment for victims to report abuse. 


Impact Stories

taekwondo is not just kicking and punching others. It is more than that. The life skills that this Art brings to children and young people in our daily training sessions helps them grow and become motivated and responsible young people.

''I won gold on my second competition. I enjoyed the feeling ''  ''There are teenagers my age that are doing stuff outside of school that isn't really good. Taekwondo not only helps you with discipline you become very mature at a young age'' Umaymah


Service User

''Before I started taekwondo, I wasn't really confident; I wasn't good at all. I couldn't even lift my legs above waist height. 

Taekwondo you have to be confident enough to go into the ring and fight in front of loads of people. I've become stronger and better'' Salma


Service User

Our Supporters